Caring for your new puppy


Being Overweight

Obesity in the Chi (any dog, but this page is about Chihuahuas) is an extremely serious issue. Due to those large begging eyes most humans cannot resist giving tidbits and too many treats!

Being overweight causes or exacerbates so many other problems (as it does in humans):

  • Heart problems.
  • Arthritis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Thyroid issues (like Cushing's disease).
  • A compromised immune system which can lead to a reduced ability to fight off parasitic and bacterial infections, as well as allowing the dog to be vulnerable to contracting infections, cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • Being overweight can exacerbate a problem to the extent that surgery may be required due to the additional weight the dog is forced to carry. If the Chihuahua is kept lean surgery may not be needed - such as with the lower grades of patella luxation.


What do we feed?

Always read the packet of any treats! Use only those made with Australian or NZ meat, NEVER feed treats made elsewhere as the do not have food safety standards and have been known to kill dogs.

Wet food mix recipe

1 cup dry rice, cooked

1 cup veg (frozen mixed veg is fine, or chopped or grated veg) cooked or raw

When the mix has cooled add

1 packet raw mince (approx. 400g) either turkey, chicken, lamb or beef. Pork is too rich and often causes tummy upsets.


Other meat options that will help with teeth and gums are raw chicken wings, chicken necks, lamb off-cuts and beef soup bones.

Dry Food

We use and recommend Advance brand dry food.

For Puppies, rehydratable (use dry not soaked) or puppy growth as they get bigger.

For adult dogs, >12months, we use small breed turkey and rice and small breed dental.

Most importantly, which ever dry food you use, make sure it has no artificial colourings.

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